Feathers Fools and Farts

Feathers, Fools and Farts

Book:Feathers, Fools and Farts

Author:L.somi Roy & dr Thangjam Hindustani Devi
Book Reviewed By - Sameeksha Manerkar

I have always had soft corner for folktales as they are not just a beautiful reminder of culture and diversity but also a great legacy that continues for generations.

Feathers, Fools, and Farts is a retelling of intriguing collection of stories that showcase the power of folktales.

A children’s book has a power to not only teach the kid but also the elders. As a grown up we tend to miss on the basic innocence and values of life. But this book captures that innocence while also connecting readers to the story in a way the outcome is a person with better values.

The stories are fun, intellectual and thought-provoking. The narration is engaging and to add on the beauty to this narration, the book is filled with extremely beautiful illustrations that brings life to readers imagination. I am in awe with the magnificent art.

This book is a collection of the most amazing 10 folktales written with abundance of information, understanding of rich traditions and beliefs of the Manipur over decades.

The autumn lamp is one of my favourite stories that explain the traditions of the Meiteis and Tangkhul. While the book is successful in narrating a wide range of stories and emotions, I love the warrior toad and mother bird for its unique storytelling and knowledge it shares.

And last but not the least The farting old couple had my cheeks burn laughing. I can only imagine what it would do to kids.

Overall this is a brilliantly written book that presents the deep rooted diverse values and emotions alongside witty yet mature and engaging narration!

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