i'm Sameeksha

Book reviewer & Graphic designer

It's been 2 years now. Of what? Of reading books for some amazing authors. Life has its way of bringing surprises. I got a big one when I was asked to manage a Social Media Page for an author. And there begin my journey as a Book Reviewer & Graphic Designer who help authors manage their Social Media Page.

Hi there, I am Sameeksha. A Social Media Manager and a Graphic Designer.

Reading books is my hobby but,
I turned it into my profession.

What do you get when you hire Sameeksha?

A book reviewer who can manage your Book Marketing & Design breathtaking Graphic Content for your Social Media.

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Anju Darshini
Author of 'Tales of you, me and them'

" Sameeeksha is a very talented graphics designer and digital marketer. She understands the author's requirements and brings the final output in less than a day! She enjoys reading and that kind of makes her extremely skilled in this domain! Fantastic work! "

Anupama Ramanujam
Author of 'The lost Goddess'

" Sameeksha is an amazing person to work with. I have observed sheer dedication in her work, month after month. She is on a hunt for continuous innovation, and creative progess. Her work ethics are an ideal model for the new generation. "

Roberta Bombonatoabr
Author of 'An unbreakable family'

My Services" Sameeksha is very thoughtful and has treated me with so much kindness. This is so important in the midst of darkness around the world. Good people still exist. Writers need readers and reviewers in order to sell books. Book promotion and marketing is also hard on authors. Well look no further. She can help on all fronts. I highly recommend her ❤️ "

My Services

Social Media Managment

Graphic Designing

Book Reviewing

Author Interviews