BlogchatterA2Z (Old Man And The Sea)

BlogchatterA2Z - Old Man And The Sea

Old Man and the Sea is a novella by Ernest Hemingway that revolves around fisherman Santiago.

He hasn’t caught a single fish in the last eighty-four days and is ready to catch big fish and prove to everyone his caliber.

When he struggles to catch the big fish, his strength, technique, willpower, and determination prove his success.

Lessons learned from this novella –

Perseverance and determination –
Despite their old age and struggles to catch Marlin, Santiago’s determination to prove his skills and abilities teaches us that success comes after believing in your determination and power and working on it.

Importance of skills and experiences –
Learning and growing is a part of life. Your skills and experiences help you grow constantly. Your faith in your skills will help you in achieving anything you want in your life.

The value of hard work –
Santiago’s hard work and dedication helped him prove himself. This story teaches us the value of hard work and how to try our best.
It proves how one day, our hard work will bring us results.

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