BlogchatterA2Z (Power of self care book review)

BlogchatterA2Z - Power of self-care book review

Right book at the right time! That’s what I feel about this book!

Self-care, a term taken for granted or sometimes considered a luxury but can loving and caring for your body, mind and soul be considered luxury?

We are constantly working to better ourselves but do we really pause and look back whether the things we worked for is making us happy?

This book will tell us exactly what we are missing out and what we things do we need to adapt for a healthy lifestyle and loving ourselves.

The book is a guide for healthy lifestyle transformation with basic steps that navigates through different aspects of self-care practices for healthy heart, self-care plan, physical activities.

The author has mindfully explained the power of self-care right from understanding its positive impact, connection between lifestyle choices and heart diseases to real life inspirational examples.

The author has clears the aspects of not following a healthy lifestyle leading to heart problems and stress.

While the author first explains the problems and how they arise and affect, he also later explains the solutions for the same.

What to eat and what to avoid, how incorporating a balanced mix of macronutrients into our diet is vitals, the benefits of physical exercise, importance of techniques for managing stress, the importance of establishing healthy sleep habits.

While all of the above suggestions are must for healthy lifestyle, it is also neck to track your progress and maintain discipline and follow these habits.

Overall a must read book if you are running around the clock and keeping self-care for weekends or a last priority.

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