BlogchatterA2Z (Umesh Kumar Brushstrokes of brilliance book review)

BlogchatterA2Z - Umesh Kumar Brushstrokes of brilliance book review

Art knows no age limits! Individuals of any age can engage in drawing and coloring at any stage of their lives.

Umesh Kumar, the cartoonist, has crafted this book to encourage children to explore their creativity and manifest a world of their imagination on paper.

While the book features various art forms, it is structured to progressively increase in difficulty level.

Initially, readers are introduced to line drawing to facilitate their entry into the world of drawing. Subsequently, they gradually advance to mastering vehicles, furniture, nature, clothing, animals, body parts, and ultimately progress to depicting facial expressions and the female form.

Moreover, the book elucidates the significance of art in our lives. For those who are reserved, art serves as a conduit to express their innermost thoughts, while for the enthusiastic, it becomes a medium to display their vigor.

Art serves as an exceptional means to express creative energy, alleviate stress, and expand one’s imagination.

In essence, this book is an ideal resource for children to learn various drawing techniques and styles.

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