It’s romance readers day

It’s romance readers day


Happy romance readers’ day!

Yes, you heard that right!
All the romance readers out there, reading romance books, setting high expectations, and waiting for the perfect romantic moment in your life, I hear you.

I know today is a weird day for us. On one side, we are juggling between whom to celebrate the day with, and on the other, we are crying for not finding out the perfect Rohit Saraf, Atlas Corrigan, Chandler Bing, Aaron Blackford, or whoever is luring you right now with their grand, sweet gestures.

I know it’s tough to find a person when your expectations are so high!
Are we going to give up on the idea of a perfect partner? Hell no!
Are we going to stop romanticizing the minute aspects of our life? Impossible!
Are we going to increase our expectations and fall for fictional characters? Hell yes!

I mean, isn’t that obvious?
Who doesn’t like a guy who cooks, reads, and charms the girl with effort, words, care, and love? Aren’t they just necessities?

Also, the words on this page are exactly what I want to tell my favorite characters.
PS I still love you!!!!!!
I know it’s been a long time since I didn’t go back to them, but that doesn’t mean I forgot how amazing they are or how their personalities are!
Even now, when I think about these characters, I feel Katherine was right when she said (it’s ok to love them both), but for romance readers, a number is just a number. We don’t count, so it’s ok to say we love them all!
(yes not 1% guilty about this)

Also, a special shoutout to the romance authors without whom this is impossible!

You make us feel special, and most importantly, you make us feel happy!
Not just happy but butterflies in the stomach happy! You know right.. you all make the world a better place!

Aap naa hote toh humara kya hota!???

And yes, there are books that I read on Kindle and the ones that are close to my heart, not just the books but the authors of these books too. Recently I did not catch up on reading their books. It’s in my immediate tbr, and I can’t wait to read your books! Because you make me return back to romance books, my first love! You make me want to read more and more books. I am sorry for not being able to catch up on reading your books.
And I can’t wait to read these books.

P.S. To all the authors I’ve loved before, I’ll love you always and forever!


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