Forever Yours by Alisha Kay, Shilpa Suraj, Andaleeb Wajid

Forever Yours

Book:Forever Yours

Author: Alisha Kay, Shilpa Suraj, Andaleeb Wajid
Book Reviewed By - Sameeksha Manerkar

The book is a collaborated effort of three authors united for a mind-blowing Bachelor’s party goa. Three couples, three twisted relationships, finding their way to choose love above everything else.

Part 1 – Hatefully Yours by Alisha Kay
Karthik – who is getting married, has ended up in Goa for a bachelor’s party thrown by his best friends Manan and Aditi. They hate each other but also have hots. In between planning, the hate starts turning into love, but the past conflicts have become a present reason for increasing misunderstanding.

How will Manan and Aditi survive the bachelor party?

Part 2 – Sinfully Yours by Shilpa Suraj
The groom’s bachelors party is in Goa then how can the bride not have a bachelorette party in Goa! Sanjana Manan’s fiance is in Goa, with her friends and best friend Sidharth, who is Bollywood’s hit-turned-overnight-flop. While he is trying to get trapped in yet another controversy, he finds himself drunk pass out in the arms of Dani, who is a bartender. What starts as an attempt at fling turns into a complication as the couple’s past haunts their present.

How will they avoid once again hiding from the hideous controversies?

Part 3 – Deceitfully Yours by Andaleeb Wajid
This part talks about the main bride and the groom. Sanjana and Karthik agreed to get engaged to make their parents stop talking about their marriage. But things went wrong when the parents started talking about marriage preparations. What began as an escape to follow their dreams turned into a bachelor’s party. And the couple decided to fake a fight to break up at this party. But it’s Goa nothing goes according to plan here!

Will they be able to break up? If they don’t break up, how will their dreams be complete?

To know how these three couples work life and love in the craziness of Goa, check this book out.

Personal Commentary:

This book feels like an Imtiaz Ali musical with female protagonists breaking stereotypes like never before. And male protagonists believe in them and make readers go crazy with their charm. Three different authors blend the stories in a way, making them memorable.

The highlight of this book is the narration. The authors have a distinct narrative style, but it doesn’t feel like three different narratives. The words have a grip of flowing swiftly, capturing the reader’s attention.

The book narration is hooking and one of a kind where even after the book ends, we want to explore more about their lives, hobbies. The fact I loved the most was how the authors explored different professions.

The writing is bold, romantic, witty, cozy, giving you butterflies in the stomach. But it’s not just romance but so much more! Their writing has a charm of freshness to it. You are surprised, by the way, they make the female protagonist look – relentless, self-sufficient, confident.

It’s about personal choice breaking the stereotypical norms, and it is a new vision of the way we see romance stories.

The theme of choice to choose makes it one of the best romance books I read recently. The author promises a bachelor’s party you won’t ever forget.

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