My Enemy by Sapna Bhog

My Enemy

Book:My Enemy

Author: Sapna Bhog
Book Reviewed By - Sameeksha Manerkar

The book series ‘Bond of Brothers’ has piqued readers’ interest from the very beginning.
The book is more of a mystery thriller in the romance genre.

Book 3 in the bond of brothers book is about Aaryan Rajpoot, a very intriguing character we know about in bits and pieces.

Aaryan Rajpoot is the epitome of a generous family member who swore to keep his family safe at any cost. He is the opposite of Vihaan in every aspect.

Aaryan aims to keep his family safe and distant from Dev Luthra. Enters Sanjana Luthra – who loves her brother and is on a mission to learn as much as he can about Dev’s enemy – the Rajpoots.

But the ones who were supposed to remain, enemies, have twisted tales to tell. They bring up their naive side in front of each other.

But in this game, one is about to lose, and family being the priority, they have to choose family or love.

To know who wins, check out this most intriguing book of 2022!

Personal Commentary:

The storyline is very thrilling when Sapna Bhog writes a book. The mysterious past of the characters always intrigues the readers.

This book had mixed feelings as readers knew bits and pieces of the brothers’ past incidents, but there was a lot to discover. The language was lucid, and the narration was fast-paced at the beginning but slowed down around the middle of the book but caught up again towards the end.

Aaryan and Sanjana’s chemistry was the most sensational in this series. They had the most beautiful bonding and journey. The supporting characters from the book are loving, as always.

The end has made readers go crazy with excitement because it’s 12 days! It’s Dev and Avi, and there’s something about them that readers are sure will make the book worth it.

But there are a few things readers have to know to understand the last book in the series in a better way. So do not think twice before picking this amazingly written book!

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