Raging Heartlands

Raging Heartlands

Book: Raging Heartlands

Author: Neelabh Pratap Singh
Book Reviewed By - Sameeksha Manerkar
The book begins with protagonist Diya, shifting to Dhanpur, as she loses her job. When she reaches there, things turn messier that exact moment. she finds herself thrown into trouble: her father has been accused of murdering his farm labourer and the once warm villagers have suddenly found new enemies in the Rais. 
Determined to clear her father’s name, Diya teams up with a local cop, Sub-inspector Dev Kaushal.
As the outsider wades through the murky layers of truth, dirty secrets of the simpletons start bobbing up; it doesn’t take much for Diya to realise that the purest of the heartlands harbour the deadliest of intentions.

Personal Commentary:

It’s always been a question about discrimination and treating lower class with utmost rudeness. This book showcases the way people still think about the whole status dilemma. It highlights the mentality of people over status, gender, politics.
The author has done a beautiful job depicting the village setting and characters. The storyline is interesting but this time the plot felt a bit slow and simple. There weren’t too many motives for the murder which lacked the power of the story. Because I have read author’s previous work,  the Rashmi purohit series I could feel that this book was less intense mystery wise. The character development was good, the research of the location and language was accurately done. The climax was absolutely shocking. The end definitely got me many questions and I am eagerly waiting for the next book.

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