Rudrabaan by Nitya Neelakantan



Author: Nitya Neelakantan
Book Reviewed By - Sameeksha Manerkar

The book begins by introducing the female protagonist Shruti, who is a proud pet-cafe owner. She is high on attitude but kind by heart, always ready to stand for herself and others. She has her pet-cafe anniversary coming up and is looking for a person who can handle the management and event of the day. And then enters Jaideep Rai, a charming, kind, and hard-working. The owner of Been There Done That (BTDT)

Shruti’s attitude has made her hate Jaideep from the first moment. Tempers fly, and egos clash even as they attempt to work together on an event. When they decide they cannot stand each other, fate brings them together. They come together in an adventurous and thrilling jungle challenge. When they come together, there is an unexpected event occurs.

On one hand, there’s a thrilling adventure going, and on the other hand, there’s a scared dad to know Shruti is out roaming in risky territory. And what happens when one of them is cursed? Can they put aside their differences and come together to break a curse that has sounded the death knell for generations of one of their families? Amidst surprise revelations, mystic mendicants, and repressed memories, can the two work out the pieces of the puzzle that can break the curse?

Will Shruti and Jaideep survive this epic adventure and find love, or will they remain ships passing in the night?
To know more, definitely read this thrilling book.

Personal Commentary:

The concept and storyline of the book caught my attention. The book has to offer a lot of thrill and calm at the same time. The plot is described amazingly with a fast-paced narration. The magical realism and adventure are the highlight of the book. The main characters are golden, but the antagonists could have been developed more. The vocabulary is lucid, and the story is gripping. The event description was the cherry on the cake, and the jungle challenges will make you smile with the tasks given, especially the train plot. Overall a perfect read if you want a thrilling adventure along with a calm reading vibe.RUDRABAAN is adventurous, exciting, and a page-turner.
Recommended for thriller and magic realism readers!

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