Terrifying Heartlands by Neelabh Pratap Singh

Terrifying Heartlands

Book:Terrifying Heartlands

Author: Neelabh Pratap Singh
Book Reviewed By - Sameeksha Manerkar

Yet another story by  Neelabh Pratap Singh – who is back with a new book in the ‘Heartland series.’ Diya Rai and SI Dev are on a mission to solve the next case. But their recent encounters have made it impossible for them to even look at each other.

The story begins with Diya Rai stumbling upon a corpse in the field that looks like a scarecrow.
The murders that happened back-to-back are somehow connected to past murders, making this case even more deadly.

The growing tension between Diya and Dev makes readers anxious, and the new character Mona added to the story makes the storyline completed twisted. Mona is a mutual friend of Diya and Dev, but when things go wrong between the protagonists, Mona speeds up the story with some shocking conversations and incidents.

The chemistry between Pradhan, Dev, Diya, and Mona unravels mysteriously, making it impossible for the reader to guess the culprit.

Who is the culprit? Why are girls being murdered and placed like a scarecrow in fields? To know more about this, read this thrilling and terrifying story!

Personal Commentary:

The last book in the heartland series had ended on a shocking note. The cliffhanger at the end made it impossible for readers to wait so long.

The heartland series is a growth in a process to be discovered.
The plot is built gradually, first making you understand the situation and slowly finding the solution.

The author develops the thoughts and personalities of the characters in bits and pieces. It’s not just any series but one built in a village, where the city lifestyle is catching up.

I loved this book for its twisted plots, terrifying themes, and climax that builds up the reader’s attention. The new character and the struggle between their past and present stories make it an engaging read.

A book has to have a constant tension building up, stress that makes it tough to leave the book even for a few minutes!
For me, ‘Terrifying Lands’ is one such book. It expresses the rural and urban mentality and the mystery of the disturbing events happening in the village.

The more I think about the plot, the more I realize how criminal minds work. The author did great work with narration to keep the reader’s anticipation at the maximum level.

Overall wonderfully narrated, extremely thrilling, and a page-turner story!

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