Celebrating International women’s day with 8 romance authors

In conversation with romance authors

In honor of International women’s day, I have interviewed 8 of my most favorite romance authors.

My fascination with understanding female characters started as I read PhD of my favorite teacher from English Literature class where her thesis talks about – ‘The Female Voices In Different Narratives Of Ramayana from Subaltern Perspective’

As I dwelled deeper in this topic I realized the voices of women back then is as critical as today. Even while reading fiction the characters imprint their lifestyle on us and the way woman are portrayed in current world can bring a major impact on us.

What started as publishing as a male pseudonym, exploring themes of rights, beliefs is now reached to a point of exploring the themes of woman empowerment, working in different professions.

To understand the gravity of female characters in a book and the writers perspective which eventually brings life to these characters, I have conversed with the romance author who have not only created a great impact on readers with their stories but also portrayed woman who are bold, flawed, exploring different professions, the woman of today! 

This blog includes each of their personal opinion on their experience of being a romance writer and what changes have they seen over a decade.
As we talk about changes over the decade we cannot ignore the stereotypes and biases and how it has affected the writing.  The authors also discuss the female character development, role of the female characters in their book, role of friendships and relationships in their books, and how they create and develop female protagonists. 

You can check all the interviews here : 

  1. MADHURI TAMSE https://www.sameekshaa.com/interview/madhuri-tamse/
  2. NITYA NEELAKANTAN https://www.sameekshaa.com/interview/nitya-neelakantan/
  3. SAPNA BHOG https://www.sameekshaa.com/interview/sapna-bhog/
  4. KYRA SETH https://www.sameekshaa.com/interview/kyra-seth/
  5. ERA MABLE https://www.sameekshaa.com/interview/era-mable/
  6. SHILPA SURAJ https://www.sameekshaa.com/interview/shilpa-suraj/
  7. ALISHA KAY https://www.sameekshaa.com/interview/alisha-kay/
  8. MANALI DESAI                                     https://www.sameekshaa.com/interview/manali-desai/

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