10 bookstagram ideas

10 Bookstagram ideas

Ten ideas for Bookstagramming!!

Do you want to start Bookstagramming? Don’t know what to post?
Content creation can get hectic when you are doing it for months. Books niche is exciting, and there are so many ideas.

So here I am presenting ten ideas for you to start with

1) BOOK QUOTES – quotes from the book you loved. We love reading quotes and especially sharing the relatable ones with our friends and family.


2) BOOK SCENE – talk about a scene that you liked or didn’t like or have gone through similar incidents. There are so many parts from the book we have already experienced in life or want to experience, so sharing the book scene makes it interesting.

3)BOOK GLIMPSE – talking about an eye-catchy scene from the book will attract the audience; this helps readers grab attention. Sharing the book glimpse is always one of the best ways to promote a book.

4) CHARACTER DESCRIPTION – introduce the characters and their traits. We imagine the characters, and describing them in posts makes our imagination even better.


5) BOOK DIALOGUES – there’s always a conversation from the book that gets stuck in our head (example. Okay? Okay). Try to find unique dialogues from the book and post about them.

6) BOOK REVIEW (REEL) – reviews are always good, but an even better option is a review in reel format. It helps reach the book more people. And review reel has a uniqueness to it.

7) BOOK CHALLENGES – some unique trends and challenges are going on Bookstagram uses it to make your page fun, light, and enjoyable.


8)BOOK MEME – who doesn’t love memes. And when you love books, the feeling of relating to the meme is X3000


9) AUTHOR INTERVIEWS – the mastermind behind the book should always be showcased (and it’s always a good idea to ask in an interview about the next release! )


10)BOOK RANT – Because at the end of the days, that’s what Bookstagram is about! Talk about anything and everything you feel about the book. If you didn’t like the book, rant it out, get it out of your head, and I bet there would be many other readers feeling the same.

Do let me know if you have any more content creation ideas for bookstagram.

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