Blogchatter Food Fest (Food Memories with My Sister)

Food Memories with My Sister

Blogchatter Food Fest launched an extraordinary challenge, and all I could think about were my various food memories. Most of these memories are deeply connected to my sister.

As the younger sister, I’ve always enjoyed the perks of being treated like a princess—and I still do! She may have spoiled me a bit with her unconditional love.

So, I am going to share our secret food memories! When we were in school, Mom would send her to the market to buy vegetables. The remaining money after shopping was technically hers, but she always shared it with me. After our school lectures, she would treat us to Vadapav, which was a mere five rupees back then. On special occasions, like after exams or with extra savings, she would buy us kulfi from the ice factory for ten rupees. To this day, whenever I pass by my old school, I don’t think of friends, teachers, or school memories, but the fun I had with my sister beyond the gates.

If it weren’t for my sister, I wouldn’t have even entered Starbucks or BBQ nation. She has been my window to the outside world, treating me to new and experimental foods. As an all-time foodie, her enthusiasm is infectious. She introduced me to Italian and Mexican cuisines, but also to traditional dishes like Pitla Bhakar and Thalipeeth.

There are countless stories of sweet memories with my sister and food. She was the rebellious kid who surprised me with late-night snacks and Maggi, and no matter how much we loved each other, the one who cooked got the bigger share.

Now living in Chicago, she still finds ways to connect with us through food. Whenever there’s a celebration at home, she orders everything from breakfast to cake through Zomato. She often cries not because she is far away and can’t meet us, but because she misses the spicy Indian food. Every year when she visits, she insists I bring Vadapav to the airport.

She is a true foodie!
She is the reason I am slowly turning into a foodie, although she hasn’t managed to diminish my obsession with pizza. Even 1,000 miles away, she keeps the foodie in me alive by encouraging me to try different things.

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