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Nostalgic trip to Irani cafe

In a world brimming with Instagram-worthy, aesthetically pleasing cafes—which I adore—I recently rediscovered a nostalgic gem that rejuvenates the soul. This cafe holds a special place in the hearts of Mumbaikars, cherished for its vintage vibe, elegantly rich, and authentic taste. It’s a place I love deeply, as it is entwined with some of my fondest childhood memories. My sister and I, accompanied by our dad, would make a ritualistic journey via local trains to Byculla, indulge ourselves at this cafe until we were blissfully full, and then head to the nearby Byculla Zoo, also known as Rani Baug, for an exhilarating experience with nature.

The Blogchatter Food Fest recently stirred these childhood memories, rekindling the curiosity and excitement I felt when visiting the oldest and most authentic Irani Cafe. Growing up, while my peers raved about Starbucks and CCD—cafes I too enjoy—there’s a unique, childlike innocence and deep-rooted connection to Irani cafes. These establishments have stood the test of time, grounding us and reminding us of our cultural roots.

Last year, my sister discovered that a new Irani cafe had opened in Thane. In an era where Irani cafes are sadly dwindling, this news filled our hearts with joy. We eagerly visited the cafe, only to be swept away by a wave of nostalgia and happy childhood memories.

The cafe’s timeless appeal is evident in its wooden chairs and tables adorned with checkered tablecloths, evoking a homely ambiance. The walls are decorated with old wooden frames and photographs, while cabinets display an array of biscuits, cakes, and baked goods.

The authentic vibe of the cafe is perfectly complemented by its culinary delights, which offer a comforting embrace of nostalgia. The menu features hearty comfort foods like Keema Pav, Berry Pulao, and Mutton Samosas.

However, no visit is complete without savoring the iconic Bun Maska, the heart of any Irani cafe, which pairs beautifully with Irani Chai. For those seeking a crunchier option, the Brun Maska provides a satisfying texture.

When it comes to beverages, Irani Chai is unparalleled. Its milky sweetness feels like a dream in a cup. For those not in the mood for a hot beverage, Pallonji’s special flavored sodas, served in nostalgic glass bottles, offer a delightful and refreshing alternative.

Irani cafes are more than just places with rich, comforting food and beverages; they are time machines that transport us back to our innocent and beautiful memories.

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