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Because I have books

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LETTER B: Because I have books

Books changed my life! Have you heard people say this?

Well, Yes! 

But I can’t remember a single moment one has not said this. But do you think it’s only from non-fiction books? 

I am a fictional geek and always prefer fiction over non-fiction. But before I create any controversy between fiction and non-fiction, I would like to mention reading is a personal choice. Some find peace in either genre. 

Now getting back to my choice, I have learned the most from romance books. Non-fiction gives you a rule book, where you have to follow the ideas. But with fiction books, you understand life lessons from the characters, lifestyles, and choices that help you gain perspective. 

Here are the top 3 lessons I learned from 3 fictional books!

  1. The worst thing in life is to hold on to hope (The tiger in the Portico and other stories)
Tiger in the portico and other stories

Hope is a good thing only for a few minutes, but you can’t live only on hope. Books push me to not wait for opportunities but create one for myself.

       2. The problem with unhealthy competition is that it’s a never-ending cycle. There will always be somebody ahead of us. We should learn to stay focused and run our race. There’s no competition in destiny. (The Raavan Key)

The Raavan Key

They say it’s ok to have a healthy competition. But I don’t think there’s any day any competition. Everyone has different struggles. You cannot ever judge two people for their journey. 

      3. I was supposed to be having the time of my life (The Bell Jar)

The Bell Jar

This line has impacted my life in so many ways. We keep unrealistic expectations or are busy trying extra hard to make each day special. When I read this line, I realized I was supposed to have a great time! No, trust me, you don’t need to travel or be rich because you have books!

What’s your favorite life lesson from books?


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14 thoughts on “BlogchatterA2Z Letter B”

  1. I too prefer fiction over non-fiction…got some interesting book recommendations… Thankyou so much!

  2. Bell Jar had left me feeling sad and all the emotions I can’t write about. I love to read fiction and my favorite probably everyone’s is the Harry Potter books. Each character teaches you a life lesson.

  3. Loved the lessons you learned from fiction—especially point 2). Being a bibliophile myself, I totally agree with with you, books are indeed the best teachers.

    Off the top of my head, ‘The house in the cerulean sea’ is a beautiful book that is a reminder of a lot of things, most importantly inclusion. A wonderful read for people of all ages. Sensitive, funny, heart warming all at once. I really enjoyed reading it.

    1. Sameeksha Manerkar

      Thank you so much for your kind words! Also yes ‘The House in the Cerulean sea’ is really beautiful I am halfway through it!

  4. Whati liked about your post is , you posted the best thing about the book in just 1 line. That itself is a review and to be able to find that is a skill. I’m glad I read your post because I now added them to my TBR. Thanks for that!

    1. Sameeksha Manerkar

      Thank you so so so much! This really means a lot! Also waiting for your reviews of these book.

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