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Can you keep readers secrets?

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LETTER C: Can you keep readers secrets?

Can you keep a reader’s secret?

I am so sure you will keep this secret between us!

As human beings, we sure do have so many secrets, but as a reader, there are few things that only the readers know! Exploring the book world has been as thrilling as a Disneyland trip! Over time, I realized and experienced a few traits book nerds hold!

Here are eight secrets of readers you didn’t know!

  1. I have read this book! -There are so many books readers lie they have read. Some of the classic examples are Wuthering Heights and Harry Potter.
  2. Readers secretly wish that someone from their followers sends them a book. – Reading books and buying books are two different but extraordinary hobbies!
  3. When readers say they can’t and won’t buy books for the next few months, what they mean is their bank balance is crying and not letting them buy books, so go ahead and buy me a book because I have already updated my amazon wishlist.
  4. Readers go into a dead zone after reading books – they lose their will to live, want to separate their lives from the real world, meet the characters, and check on them to see if they are okay now.ย 
  5. Readers sometimes go through a panic/restless state, even for a week of reading a book that ends with a cliffhanger.
  6. Readers want to buy all editions of their favorite book – I have two books of Pride and Prejudice.
  7. They will never bookmark their book with a bookmark but all kinds of things like visiting cards, handkerchiefs, mobile, kindle, etc. Sometimes they get so lazy they keep a finger for a few minutes or even try to remember the page number!
  8. They feel like they are losing their body part when they have to give away their book or lose some books!

There are many more secrets but leaving this space for you. Do share the secrets you know about the readers in the comment section.

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  1. Haha! Love this! I used to be able to remember the page number but alas! Old age! ๐Ÿ™‚ I now stick whichever paper I can find near byโ€ฆ

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