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Okay? Not Okay.

My fifteenth blog for #BlogchatterA2Z

LETTER O: Okay? Not Okay.

Okay? Not Okay.

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I spent more than two years on bookstagram and realized a few things are acceptable and a few that are not.

As a reader, one should understand that every person thinks and analyzes each book differently.

It’s okay to love an underrated book.
It’s okay not to love an overrated book.
It’s okay if you don’t read the trending books you see all over bookstagram.
It’s okay to rate the book according to your perspective.
It’s okay not to buy new books in the sale.
It’s okay not to have a fancy setup/ bookshelf for clicking pictures.
It’s okay sometimes to feel jealous or overwhelmed with others.

You have to realize even though the destination is the same, the people who choose to cross the journey with you, the model, and your experiences are different.

Someone riding on a bike might reach faster than one traveling on a bus. But you have to remember the interest and passion for reaching the destination are the same. So focus on your journey and not others.

Some things are okay few are not!

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