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LETTER R:  Real Ass Poetry Book Review

R.A.P by Nisha Simone

Poetry. Motivation. Inspiring words.
What do you think about poems? Do you feel words thrown at you? Or do you find comfort in it?

R.A.P – Real Ass Poetry
I picked this book for its catchy title. The book absolutely catches up to this intriguing title with some realistic reality checks and life lessons.

Poetry books always leave me in a calming yet restless phase as everyone interprets it differently.
But in this book, the author has tried to make the reading experience as simple and beautiful as possible.

The poems have classy titles that hook you from the start. The language used makes you feel like you are getting counseled by your best friend. It’s genuine, raw, honest, and caring.

She talks about remembering everything has its reasons, and positive things eventually come back to you. During such instances keeping a positive mindset strengthens the whole process.
Like a cheerful friend, the author also tells you to be keen on laughter and encourages you to dream and pursue.

I think this book is more relatable to readers who are going through a hard time or need some inspiration or a friend to assure you it’s going to be just fine!

If you are a reader who loves motivational push, then do check this book out!

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2 thoughts on “BlogchatterA2Z Letter R”

  1. I’m a poetry lover and this book fits well into the category of my likes
    a. It’s a short read
    b. It’s on KU
    Already added it to my Kindle library. Thanks for the recommendation

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