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Types of readers

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LETTER T:  Types of readers

Types of readers 

Readers and their bookstagram community are the best things I have found in the last two years!

Which of these readers’ traits is your type?

  1. A reader whose Disneyland is Bookstore and BookCafes – if you ask these readers where should we go, they will never think out of the bookshelf. 
  2. A reader who has tons of book boyfriends – if you ask them who their current book boyfriend they won’t be able to mention one.
  3. A reader who has recommendations ready anytime, anywhere – they need the genre name you like, and you will have tons of recommendations customized for you.
  4. A confused reader has mixed feelings about what to read next. They even pick two books and try reading both.
  5. An Instagram book addict reads ten lines and scrolls Instagram for twenty minutes. They can’t leave Instagram or Book. 
  6. A reader who gobbles up the book – they are the kind of readers who read a book a day!
  7. The series collector – they collect every single book in the series and then read the book. 
  8. The re-readers are readers who cannot move on from a book and wait for a simple mention of the book to re-read it again!



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