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Unbelievably the best romantic thriller I have ever read!

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LETTER U: Unbelievably the best romantic thriller I have ever read!

Reader: I need a recommendation!
Me: Which genre?
Reader: I guess Romance, but not complete cliche, kind of mysterious thriller, also please a fast-paced story!
Me: Umm, okay! I have one mind-blowing recommendation for you!
Try reading My Rebel by Sapna Bhog!

Buy the book here

The last book, ‘My Ruin’ – ended on a thrilling and the most intriguing note.
Readers became impatient with the suspense.

But finally, there was a newsletter saying My Rebel is releasing. And I read it, and here I am, pumped to review it!

The book is much more emotionally consuming with its engaging plot and a mind-blowing storyline. The characters start gradually revealing their painful past. Each character lives for the family, trying to be bold! But have some dark secrets they keep inside to protect the family.

This book is richer in its narrating style. It keeps the readers hooked till the very end. Although a few questions got answered, there are still a few questions unanswered that make readers go back to being impatient!

The characters are bold and fierce. The protagonist’s constant fun banter makes it a fun read. Vihaan’s hotness, the bad-boy charm, and Tiya’s love for her work and quirky language make you love the couple. Their chemistry can burn your skin with their sizzling moments. Especially the nightclub scene, mesmerized by that plot!

I am especially feeling a soft corner for Aaryan. The calm yet the focused mind is quite charming. But the one character I am intrigued by is Dev, and I feel there’s some niceness behind all the cruelty! I hope so!

I am eagerly waiting for Aaryan and Dev’s story.
Overall this book is a classy, intriguing, engaging, thrilling, and romantic read!


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