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Yet it feels like Yesterday!

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LETTER YYet it feels like Yesterday!

Yet it feels like Yesterday!

Have you ever got a nostalgia kick in when you read a book with a similar fictional character name? Or you see that one book you love in a bookstore, and the flashbacks start to hit!

I connect to the books on a different level. The book reminds me of the phase I lived and how that book helped me when I was not moving on with life.

I can relate to the phase, the year of my struggles with a book. When I was a teenager, I used to get soo many crushes! I used to read Sudeep Nagarkar and Ravinder Singh’s romance books. And the books used to make me relate to those teenage crushes.

When I took a gap year, I read My not so perfect life, and the title and things occurring back to back made the book very special.

I started my literature journey, but it was scary to get back after a gap year and three months into the pandemic. Sapna Bhog’s Take A Chance On Me made me take a chance on my life, and my bookstagram journey started!

In 2020, my sister went to the USA for her master’s degree, and I was petrified as she is the closest person in the entire world. But Morrie gave me a sense of pep-talk. Tuesdays With Morrie thus became yet another favorite book for me. The book gave me a good cry to move on, look at the brighter side, and stay stronger.

I am talking about this after so long! Yet it feels like Yesterday! The experiences and the lessons have made me a better person today!

Do you relate a book to your struggling phase?

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