BlogchatterA2Z Letter Z

Zero to the twenty-sixth-day BlogChatter Journey

My twenty-sixth blog for #BlogchatterA2Z

LETTER Z:  Zero to the twenty-sixth-day Blogchatter Journey

Zero to the twenty-sixth-day BlogChatter Journey

I am keeping the last letter for tracking my BlogChatter journey.

I started reading and reviewing almost three years back. But I never created a website and wrote blogs consistently. So, I thought, let me share my experience with the community. 

Firstly, I am glad I could be a part of the blogchatter community.

Things I learned from this blogging challenge –

  1. You can make words speak for you.
  2. Discipline and consistency will help you grow.
  3. Sometimes you might struggle to find new ideas, but practice improves your thinking and writing.
  4. Your motivation can be others’ inspiration!

Secondly, I learned from the things I did wrong –

  1. Not planning content outline.
  2. Not creating graphics earlier.
  3. Not read others’ posts regularly.
  4. Not realizing my Instagram posts can be turned into blogs with additional editing.

Overall this blogging journey was a powerhouse of knowledge for me. The closer I get to completing this blog, the more mixed feelings I am experiencing! I feel happy, nervous, and thrilled. 

Thanks to the blogchatter community for letting me experience blogging for real!

I’m participating in #BlogchatterA2Z

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