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BlogchatterA2Z - Adulting

When do you know you have become an adult?

Is it when you feel independent? Make your own decisions? Pay taxes? Live alone? 

I think Adulting is a web that entangles one when they least expect it, and it’s so sudden you don’t even realize when you started taking the responsibilities, paying taxes, and wanting to sleep more.

Today I plan on telling you my three takeaways from the Adulting series and how I relate to it. 


1.  ‘Broke AF’ –

This episode taught me the need to save money until the next salary is credited, the importance of money, how we spend thousands of rupees for a few hours, which is not even worth it, and the regret later is much worse! It also shows the little pleasures in life, how money should not be a luxury but a source of living, and how you can celebrate your birthdays without a lot of money but with the people, you love the most.

2. ‘Mommy knows best’ –

We consider our parents won’t understand us, they always try to shadow us with their thoughts and decisions, but the truth is parents’ decisions sometimes can end up being a bigger mess, but their intentions are never wrong. They dream the best for us. Mom is a beautiful soul who understands us, and we should share our thoughts with her because her little daughter always remains the same no matter how old she gets. 

3. ‘Friends Ya followers’ –

in the world of social media, where we communicate more with our online friends than offline, it should be understandable how connection and being true to yourself is more important. It’s a world of lies, and a rare number of people do what they believe. Always choose actuality over materialistic reality.

4. ‘On my way’ –

adulting means a loop of duties and responsibilities you get stuck inside. You feel demotivated, unenthusiastic, and bored with your life, but you have to realize it’s a phase, and your effort to make every day special is what really matters. 

This post is a part of #BlogchatterA2Z 2023 

1 thought on “BlogchatterA2Z (Adulting)”

  1. Suchita Agarwal

    That opening line of when do you realize you’re an adult really hit home. It’s so true! I can I realized it only after I turned 26.

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