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BlogchatterA2Z - Bad girl series

As a literature student, I had a subject of literary criticism in my curriculum, where I studied feminist literary criticism.
The portrayal of women as oppressed, slaves, and prizes, their domination by a patriarchal society, is challenged in current times by feminist critics.

Today, the representation of women and their roles have changed and challenged society.

The Bad Girl series by Alisha Kay, Andaleeb Wajid, and Shilpa Suraj represent women in their books as a way to break and challenge these stereotypes. They are bold, creative, hard-working, and self-made.

This series is something I keep recommending to all the romance readers. 

Today we will discuss the three books in the series and things I learned from TARA, AISHA, and INAYA :

Book 1 – Bad Girl Gone Good (Aisha)

Aisha depicts the power to dare, speak without fear, live on your terms, and challenge yourself. Aisha helping her sister escape from a manipulative marriage and owning up to her scandals portrays how Aisha is the epitome of a bold, fearless, inspiring, beautiful woman.

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Book 2 – Bad Girl Gone Rogue (Inaya)

Inaya depicts the balance of a woman empowering on her terms, launching her own skincare business. Inaya shows how to make decisions by prioritizing yourself and trying not to hurt your family’s sentiments. Her way of balancing career, family relationships, and business portrays how women can handle multiple things gracefully.

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Book 3 – Bad Girl Gone Wicked

Tara depicts a challenging profession, inspiring women to not care about others and not let society choose. Tara’s character portrays hard work, dedication, and the need to live according to societal norms while still finding a way to live your moments.

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