BlogchatterA2Z (Emily in Paris)

BlogchatterA2Z - Emily in Paris

I adore Emily in Paris, the Netflix series. A series I recently started loving, a series that is full of life goals and marketing goals. As a freelancer, the unknown journey I’m exploring, this series gives me a sense of calm and confidence.

Emily was new to the city and without knowledge of the French language, but her confidence and passion for marketing made her rule the marketing world.

Here are five marketing techniques I learned from this series –


To build a brand, you must create meaningful social media engagements – social media has become a powerful tool, and it’s not only about entertainment anymore. You create meaningful content, and you get the results. You constantly have to make sure that your audience finds the content relatable and share their opinions about the same.



When you look at a situation, a product, or an ad campaign from a customer’s point of view, you will get a better idea of what they desire and how they pursue it – you need to sell a product or services than you need to get into the shoes of the buyer understanding what would they like, how to grab their attention. It’s not about you, but them. Their needs and problems are your solutions.



Thinking outside the box can show you new insights and break the restrictions inside your mind – Never shy away from experimenting –Experimenting is the key to unique content. If the content is the king, experimenting is the Queen. Add soul to your thoughts, and bring them alive, some ideas might fail, but successful ones will feel like hitting the bullseye.


You cannot make someone understand the importance of social media. You need to show them the numbers. Analytics don’t lie – today, when we hear some superstitions, our first reaction is who said that? Why do you think it is true? We always need an answer moreover proof. That’s exactly, what we need to do, show our creativity, experiment with our content consistently, and let the numbers speak on our behalf.



Marketing is constantly evolving. It is necessary to stay updated – I started using Instagram when people were making fun of Orkut and obsessed with Facebook. A photo-sharing app again was the audience’s claim. The Instagram journey itself can prove the never-ending journey of evolution. Photos, filters, stories, live videos, IGTV, reels, remixes, collaboration, paid partnerships, and let’s not get started over trends. Social media is evolving at the speed of light. Like the survival of the fittest, with marketing, it is the survival of the trendiest.

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