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Netflix and chill was a term I understood after my board exams. And the first thing I watched was FRIENDS – a series of madness, reality check, love, career, hardships in a relationship, and the bond of friendship that made all this a little easier. FRIENDS is a series beyond being a sitcom.

After watching this series, I was fascinated with the idea of New York City, being independent, falling in love, and the gravity of adulting.

Here are the five lessons that FRIENDS taught me –

Take risks, do what the heart feels right –
The first time Rachel disposed of her credit cards and entered the real world was a brave move. It made me realize the importance of risks and how one leap of faith can help you accomplish your goals. At the time, Chandler decides to give up his stable job, Rachel quits her waitress job, and Ross gives up his interview to help Rachel, showing how there are high risks, but sometimes the heart wants what it wants.

Hold on to working for your dream job –
The one thing I loved the most about the show was their dedication to working hard for their dream job. Joey pursued an acting career even after failing multiple times, being a waiter so he could pay bills, but eventually emerging as a great actor shows the struggle leading to success. Rachel being a waitress, understands her potential, and leading getting promoted in fashion shows the hard work paying off.
Monica becomes a head chef. Chandler leaves his old stable job to pursue his interest in writing. Ross turns his childhood dream of loving dinosaurs into becoming a paleontologist. Phoebe, not giving up on life because of her poverty as a kid and being a masseuse, all these characters make sure to hold on to their dream and thrive for it.

Choose friends who help you grow –
Friends caring for you and sharing truth bombs for you are your real friends, the ones you can count on. The one who teaches you to live independently, who believes in you, motivates and inspires you. Some friends will do exactly, what you want, even though it’s wrong, and you might feel close to them, but they will not help you succeed in life but pull you down.


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