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BlogchatterA2Z - Excellent poems

Excellent books you should read atleast once for it’s aesthetic beauty and vivid imagination.

Porphyria’s lover –

A modern day love story that shows how Porphyria is so much in love with her lover, that she is ready to escape from the societal norms and be with him. And when the lover realizes how much she loves him and how she will have to succumb to the societal pressure one day and leave him. So to save her from the trouble he strangles her with her own hair, and once she dies lays her on his shoulders thinking how no one will be able to break their connection.
This poem is well acclaimed for its aesthetic beauty.

Ozymandias –

A poem that captures the true essence of how cruelty will someday be demolished. The poem is about a traveler who see a statue broken into pieces in a dessert area. He then goes on describing the features of the statue where he explains the upper body and face have been broken into two pieces laid on the ground and the base haa the words written that he is the king of kings Ozymandias who treats people as some useless things even the sculptor couldn’t hide the arrogance of the king.
Eventually the poem comes to the end proving a point that no one can be saved from the reality. And how nature has a way of a full circle life.

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