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BlogchatterA2Z - William Wordsworth

William Wordsworth is a pioneer of the Romantics movement. The Romantics movement was a reaction against the neo-classical movement. He focused on the beauty of nature and the power of imagination. He disagreed with the classicist focus on strict law and moral values. He focused on evoking emotions in readers when they read any text.

I had two William Wordsworth poems as a part of my literature studies, namely Lucy Gray and Lines Written in Early Spring.

Lucy Gray portrays the innocence of childhood and focuses on themes of innocence, death, and separation. Wordsworth has included vivid imagery in his poems. The poems include the romantic feature of nature and its mystery. This poem is a powerful example of the romantic feature explaining mystery and intriguing imagination.

Lines written in early spring are the second classic example of romanticism. The poem explores the dilemma of the beauty of nature and how humans are devoid of this beauty. It explains that despite the busyness and worries of daily life, nature can still offer solace and inspiration. The poem expresses the beauty of nature and things like birds, trees, and the scenic beauty of spring. The theme includes spirituality, nature’s beauty, and vivid imagination.

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