BlogchatterA2Z (I will return to me book review)

BlogchatterA2Z - I will return to me book review

Imagery in literary fiction makes the book more exciting, adventurous, and thrilling.

In this book, the author captures the true essence of imagery in successfully narrating a suspense thriller mystery book.

The book begins by introducing the Mason family living in the Redbarrow Woods. There was an unsettling feeling in the air, making readers feel the tension and an indication of the storm ahead.
The storm reveals itself within a few pages, where we hear the loud noise from his bedroom. When Jack, Macy, and Polly check the room, their son and her brother Jerry are nowhere to be seen.

The plot line becomes more mysterious as the Mason family tries to find the mystery behind their sons’ absence. The author holds the knots of suspense as new characters get introduced, and their motives feel harmful, somewhere giving hope to readers to find their answers.

While the first half perfectly depicts the melancholy of the Masons, the second half paces through a rush of emotions, and the mystery begins to unfold gradually. The clues, letters, and books add an intriguing twist to the story and keep the readers on their toes.

The narrative was beau and hooked me instantly, but underlying themes of absence, aging, yearning, jealousy, misunderstanding, and misery added to the thrill of the story and captured it aptly.

I am definitely recommending this book for readers who love suspense and mystery thrillers!

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