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BlogchatterA2Z - Historical book recommendation

Do you love reading history? The wars, battles, warriors who sacrificed for us?

Prataprao and legend of the seven is the answer to the above question. A book to read to understand the seventeenth century war for the quest of Swaraajya. A book that made me realize the real meaning of war and a warrior. A book that showcases the power of bravery, leadership skills and taking responsibilities of the decisions made.

History is not just a story or a fact to know but a book of lessons to learn from our ancestors who sacrificed their lives for the day we are living today. And this book makes sure to present as many life lessons as possible.

The author narrates the story of the warrior who fears only one thing which is – disappointing and breaking Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaja’s trust.To rectify his mistakes he is ready to go through any lengths. Even death doesn’t scare him as much as letting down.

What does it mean to be not scared of death? Who all were a part of Swaraajya? What goes behind war and the warrior’s mind? Were Prataprao and his army able to regain Shivaji Maharaja’s trust?

To know more read this true story of the legends. A book about power, wars, dare, and life of a warrior.

It is a well written book about the journey of Marathas for Swaraajya and the journey of Kadta who was brave since childhood and thought he would be called by a different name as he grew up. Prataprao, a name when heard echoes virtues, loyalty, bravery, commitment and a name in history which is unforgettable.

The author has perfectly captured the life of a warrior, his thoughts, his patriotism on the battlefield. The narration is well crafted with delicate detailings. The book is lengthy but doesn’t feel like one because the author grips your attention and reveals the details gradually. The plot is slowly revealed whilst giving life lessons. The journey of a warrior with his enemy is also beautifully portrayed. The language is simple yet powerful just like the powerful warrior eager to defeat the enemy and his army.

Overall a book you cannot miss, a highly engaging historical thriller with twists and turns, and a warrior’s destiny filled with bravery and sacrifice!

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