BlogchatterA2Z (Leeza Mangaldas The sex book review)

BlogchatterA2Z - Leeza Mangaldas The sex book review

Do you remember the biology chapter, the one we as a students were excited to learn, and teachers would just rush through it, not explaining the terminology sex!


Well, finally we have a book that can answer all the bits and pieces that make us curious.

The sex book by Leeza covers a wide range of topics from gender, sex, genitals, the reality, truth bombs, techniques, care, myths and facts.

The author not only boldly talks about the taboo around sex, but helps us understand our sexuality, needs and embark on a journey of self-discovery.

The book makes you aware about intimacy, pleasure, consent, self-discovery. It also helps you understand the emotional and physical aspects of sex.

The narration is engaging, calming and educating. The writing style helps you gradually understand the terms without feeling overwhelmed.
The intimate details help us to understand the exact knowledge of what author is trying to express.

Overall this book gives us an accurate and much needed sex education, and really informative book you must definitely read!

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