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BlogchatterA2Z - Meera of Karmana book review

Meera’s initial spark of curiosity ignited when a spiritual leader enlightened her and her friends about the Mahamakam flowers, extolling their nutritional benefits and their ability to induce the desired mental state.

Subsequently, she embarked on an exhilarating expedition with Haroon and his seasoned band of hunters.Following her first hunt, it became evident that Meera needed to reconnect with nature, marking the onset of her spiritual odyssey.

Encountering the village’s revered Guru, Meera received the blessing of the Naga Mani, believed to stir the latent spiritual energies within.

In the midst of urban turmoil, Meera’s spiritual quest provided solace akin to a tranquil meditation. Guided by Gurumata, Meera found her beacon of enlightenment on her journey of seeking knowledge.

The narrative delves into profound themes such as death, Moksha, Karma, yoga, remorse, anguish, self-reliance, and fasting.
The transformation of a greedy jeweler into a saintly figure is depicted with exquisite detail.

The book’s succinct narration instills a sense of energy and spirituality within the reader, while also exploring Ayurveda and yoga as means of healing and finding inner peace.

The interconnected lives of Maadinee, Jagha, and Devi Latika form the powerful essence of the narrative, emphasizing the importance of friendships, love and understanding.

The book’s portrayal of the call from nature exudes warmth and comfort, enriched by engaging elements like meditation, bonsai cultivation, herb harvesting, preservation rituals.

In essence, the book provides a comforting refuge and delves into the journey of self-discovery, altruism, and attaining inner peace.

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