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BlogchatterA2Z - Mismatched

Mismatched is a coming-of-age series where students are trying to face peer pressure, discover themselves, and embrace friendships and relationships.
It is a young adult series, an adaptation of the book When Dimple Meets Rishi by Sandhya Menon.

It highlights the current generation and their struggles in terms of physical, emotional, and psychological stress. Every character’s struggle is personal, trying to break the stereotype, overcoming trauma and drama, embracing their sexuality and freedom, and learning to grow.

Lessons learned from Mismatched –

Overcoming fears is tough, but the guts to face these fears can go a long way –
Dimple faces panic attacks caused whenever she thinks about her insecurity about not getting a job. Celina accepts there is no shame in being a delivery girl and not being scared of what her friends will think. Namrata embraces her sexuality without getting scared about what society will think of her. Rishi inviting his friends to his mother’s second wedding without fear of being judged shows these characters’ boldness to accept reality.

Breaking the stereotypes –
The series shows a vivid example of characters breaking stereotypes. Dimple wants to make the best gaming project, challenging Anmol in a game. Zeenat learns to code at an older age after her husband dies, trying to start from scratch. Rishi’s father accepts his fate by being happy for his ex-wife’s wedding and dancing at her wedding, breaking the stereotypical thoughts.

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