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BlogchatterA2Z - La La Land

La la Land is a musical revolving around two characters trying to turn their dreams into reality. They are talented, hardworking, and inspiring but face extreme failures on their way to success.
In this chaos, they find each other, helping each other grow and understanding the difficulties in choosing a struggling career.

La La Land is a romantic comedy-drama, an aesthetically pleasing, vibrant, and powerful theme that includes the joys and struggles of life.

Lessons learned from La La Land –

Failure is important –
Failure is underestimated and considered to have a negative impact. But if we don’t fail, we won’t realize where we are going wrong and, in turn, won’t be able to rectify our mistakes. Failure is not the end. You need to embrace failures and learn to grow through your mistakes.

Pursuing your dream and turning passion into a profession is good, but it is not easy –
Constant failures, hopelessness, and emotionally draining days are a part of the process when you are not following the regular route to reach a destination. There is a constant fear of failing and not achieving the goal. But need a lot of patience, consistency, and a won’t-give-up attitude.

Embrace the present –
Things could have gone the right way, and you could have succeeded earlier, but this is life. Opportunities don’t always knock your way.
Sometimes you have to grab these opportunities.
Try to make this present moment count because every present failure brings you one step closer to your aimed future.

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