BlogchatterA2Z (My experience meeting Ankur Warikoo)

BlogchatterA2Z - My experience meeting Ankur Warikoo

I’ve encountered a myriad of authors post-lockdown, from the vibrant Jaipur Literature Festival to the Tata Literature Festival and book launches galore. Yet, my encounter with Ankur Warikoo stood out as a singularly unique experience. As a Mumbai native, I had yet to truly immerse myself in the city’s essence, beyond its glitz and glamor, but rather in its pulsating local trains, relentless traffic, and sweltering summer heat. Venturing solo for the first time, I found myself drawn to the enchanting Crossword Bookstore near Kemps Corner, a haven for any avid reader.

Ankur Warikoo’s presence had been looming large in my life for the past year, his persona initially catching my eye through persistent YouTube ads and Instagram reels. Intrigued, I delved deeper to discover an exceptional author whose works I felt compelled to explore.

Ankur Warikoo dons many hats – author, speaker, content creator, and mentor – a beacon of inspiration in my journey. His mantra, from urging us to “Do Epic Shit” to “Get Epic Shit Done” and finally to “Make Epic Money,” encapsulates his mission of empowering others to translate their aspirations into tangible actions.


Stepping into the Crossword Bookstore that day, the sight of Warikoo’s array of books evoked a palpable sense of excitement. Meeting him felt surreal, a culmination of a long-held aspiration. Our exchange brimmed with mutual enthusiasm as he inquired about my educational pursuits. Grateful, I expressed how his books, with their lucid prose and invaluable insights, had become a bridge through which I could share profound ideas with my parents. And the moment he signed my copy it was the happiest moment! No matter how much I love clicking selfies but the value a personalized sign holds is irreplaceable! 

Ankur Warikoo’s books go beyond just talking about success; it delves into his trials, triumphs, and the invaluable lessons gleaned along the way. Within their pages lie not just anecdotes, but practical strategies to navigate life’s challenges. His words serve as a potent elixir of motivation, instilling within readers the courage to pursue even their loftiest dreams.

Ankur Warikoo’s body of work surpasses mere accounts of achievement; it explores his trials, triumphs, and the priceless lessons learned throughout his journey. Embedded within its pages are not only stories but also practical approaches to overcoming life’s obstacles. His words act as a powerful tonic, empowering readers with the bravery to chase their grandest ambitions.


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