BlogchatterA2Z (A letter to Bookstagram)

BlogchatterA2Z - A letter to bookstagram

Dear Bookstagram,

I wanted to share a heartfelt thank you with all of you. Back in 2019, I stumbled upon this incredible community, and little did I know it would change my life. I wasn’t much of a reader before then, but a gift from my sister, ‘The One You Cannot Have’ by Preeti Shenoy, opened my eyes to the world of books. It was like a switch flipped, and I couldn’t put books down.

Sure, my dad’s a voracious reader, but it was my sister who really got me into books.  I remember reading Chetan Bhagat, Ravinder Singh, Durjoy Datta, Preeti Shenoy, Sudeep Nagakar books and one fine day my sister saw a yellow book with a pretty intense cover which wasn’t a romance book and got it for me. Till then I used to find escape in the fictional world but reading that yellow book made me realize the beauty of reading. I cried almost throughout the book but it made me go on a rollercoaster journey. It opened my imagery experience to the next level. Yes you guessed it right the book was ‘A Thousand Splendid Suns’ by Khaled Hosseini, a book I’ll never stop recommending.

And then, I found Bookstagram. The sheer number of readers blew me away. I started reviewing books and eventually transitioned into a literature-focused career. From romances to historical fiction to classics, I was hooked. Books became more than just stories; they became a part of me.

Bookstagram didn’t just change my reading habits; it became a part of who I am. I started discussing books, sharing reviews, and connecting with fellow Mumbai bookstagrammers. They became my tribe, my safe haven. Whether it was book meets, launch events, or just hanging out, they made me feel like I belonged. I started finding solace in the fact that books can make me cry, laugh but then bookstagram became a part of my life, my personality. I started talking about books, sharing reviews, ranting to friends and found Mumbai bookstagrammers. My second family. I found my tribe the one with whom I had the happiest days and craziest nights. From book meets, book launch events, literary events, to simple hangouts this tribe made me feel like books personified.

Without Bookstagram, I wouldn’t have rediscovered my love for books or found my passion for content creation. It’s led me down a new path and introduced me to a community that’s always there to support and uplift me.

So, thank you, Bookstagram, for everything. You’ve given me so much love, and I’m forever grateful.

With love, 


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  1. Suchita Agarwal

    Awe this was so sweet. Finding your tribe, especially when you share an interest as deep and personal as reading, is a great feeling.

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