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BlogchatterA2Z - Number Nine book review

Number nine – girly fears of a confident woman is a mirror to the reality of the process of womanhood to motherhood!
While every individual has different opinions and definitions about a perfect life and what included in their list of happiness and success, this book discusses about the experience of a rollercoaster journey of a mother.

Family planning is not just a random process where you decide one day to get pregnant, there’s a lot more physical, mental, emotional, financial aspects to adhere.

This book is an eye opener to those aspects, right from acknowledging the fears to focusing on the mindset. Mindset acts as a key to begin the process and stay positive throughout the pregnancy journey.

The book is written in a simple and elegant way. The narration is so truthful and powerful that you live the journey with the author. Her happiness feels like our, her emotional upheaval makes us feel uneasy, her scared incidents makes you want to do something to make her feel better.

What I really loved about the book is the detailing throughout the book be it consulting before pregnancy, understanding the phases of trimesters, its reaction to the body and mind, the checklist for the big day, the stress and anxiety of delivery and how consulting and talking to healthcare professionals for the process of epidural and the altogether overwhelming yet beautifully terrifying experience after the birth!

Not gonna lie the delivery day really had me goosebumps thinking of the couple and most importantly the mother and her emotional upheaval for the day!

The postnatal issues made me aware of the the strength parents have to build, the way a tiny figure can turn their life one-eighty degree but how they are strong together and build a secure safe place for their kid and overcome their issues. While their baby is growing in a nurtured environment parents also grow!

Overall a perfect read for the ones who want to understand the journey from one perspective as every one has a unique journey, and also to understand what your parents and especially your mother goes through! After completing the book I first hugged my mom tightly and couldn’t feel blessed enough! This book really shows you the mirror to the blessing we have got on the form of our mother!

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