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BlogchatterA2Z - Queen

Queen is a Bollywood movie about the protagonist Rani who is ready to get married, but her fiance calls the wedding a few days before the wedding date because he thinks she is not bold or independent.

The movie portrays her journey of self-discovery, freedom, empowerment, and independence. This movie is an inspiration for women who are naive, devastated, and dependent on others.

Things I learned from this movie –

Breaking stereotypical thoughts and challenging gender roles –

She goes alone on her honeymoon to discover her true self and learn to be independent and self-sufficient. She realizes her potential when she starts traveling alone in Paris and learns to travel alone. The movie portrays a bold woman who can challenge patriarchal and stereotypical thoughts and break societal norms by embracing diversity.

Friendship is a big support –

This movie talks about the friendship dynamics that help in self-discovery. Friends help see life through the lens of living a fun life. Friends support each other in the positives and negatives of life.

Living in the moment –
The movie highlights a woman turning from a shy, scared person to a courageous, bold woman who can fight for herself, inspire others, live on her terms, enjoy life, and appreciate the present.

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