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BlogchatterA2Z - Romanticism

Studying romanticist literature from the 19th century has influenced my imagination and literary interests. Romanticism means a reaction against the neo-classical age that followed order and moral values. The Romantics were against these strict values and started a Romanticism movement that was highly influential and dominated by imagination.

William Blake’s work reflects the features of Romanticism –

The Divine Image and The Human Abstract

The Divine Image from the Song of Innocence focuses on four virtues – Mercy, Pity, Peace, and Love that Blake considered universal qualities. He explained the importance of these virtues to live a good life. The poem focuses on believing in humanity and that God resides within us.

The Human Abstract from the Song of Experience is the opposite of the above poem. This poem focuses on the negative qualities that are important in our life. It is a complex poem exploring the nature of morality and human nature.

The above poems highlight romantic features like imagination, focus on emotions, individualism, and criticism of society.

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