BlogchatterA2Z (Ray R Dharma pocket full of peace book review)

BlogchatterA2Z - Ray R dharma pocket full of peace book review

While we let life happen to us, there is also a constant struggle inside us telling us to pause. But the truth is we are constantly consumed by stress and worries.

To overcome this a brilliantly written book called ‘A pocket full of peace’ comes to over rescue.

This book addresses the internal struggles and stress we face everyday and various techniques to overcome them.

First the author introduces us to the road map of reaching the ultimate – called the path of Devotion, Knowledge, Action, and Meditation.

The foremost thing to understand is you hold the power to choose how you want to react or respond to the situation.

Stress can be easily triggered in our daily lives but what needs to be addressed is how you perceive it.

Stress leads to different reactions different levels. At physical level the body’s defense mechanisms are initiated. At mental level, tense energy is experienced. At social level sometimes isolation, irritability plays the role and at emotional level we experience mixed overwhelming emotions.

Relaxation therapy helps in anxiety, depression, headaches, asthma, menopausal symptoms. It also helps in rejuvenating mind and body.

The book is a program guide is a program over 56 days which will help you cleanse your stress and gain more energy.

There are three phases namely preparation, transformation, harmonisation. The author recommends a few steps to initiate the program like noticing your patterns, creating a routine, not strain yourself physically or mentally, intake of 8-10 glasses of water everyday, have a balanced meal, make humor a part of your day.

The author explains with great detailings the use and outcome of Music therapy, Surya Namaskar, the chakra workout, and chanting Om.

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