BlogchatterA2Z (Shilpa Suraj Married in Hate book review)

BlogchatterA2Z - Shilpa Suraj Married in hate book review

It’s been a long time since I got teary eyed after reading a romance book!

And married in hate really brought all the emotional feelings back! This book really hits home. The characters are too real, the pain is too real and the unconditional support and love from the male protagonist just feels like a tight hug with lots of assurance.

First of all I would love to thank the author for such a delicate cultural experience. The wedding and the customs and rituals with the utmost detailing really made me feel like attending a wedding! Secondly the characters are extremely interesting flawed and real and every character has their charm and authoritative tone. Every single member from both families had a headstrong viewpoint and it reflects their personality and intrigues reader to explore them more.

The protagonist’s are mature, bold and have high emotional quotient. Their chemistry is not only romance but there’s much more to this couple, it’s more of holding hands feeling warmth and assurance kind of love! They give a sense of reality and growth.

What I loved throughout the book is Aarush is all and every circumstance supporting his wife – be it her career, life choices, even her wedding dress. He is that one big green forest who is more concerned about the opinion of women in his life be it his sister or wife.

Overall a book to read if you love wholesome emotional yet beautiful love stories!

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