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BlogchatterA2Z - World worst best girlfriend book review

Reading Durjoy Datta’s book always feels like a warm reunion hug. I started reading his book as a teenager. His books always have a compilation of sweet romantic moments, friends who have a heart of gold, and a journey of the protagonists finding themselves.

In this book the self-identity journey is led by Daksh and Anchal, two complete opposite souls who are on a trip to Andaman. The only difference is Daksh’s family paid for the trip while Anchal won the trip in a contest in Big Bazaar. This sets the base of two families and poses a clear contrast of the lifestyles and mindsets.

The author takes us on the journey of Daksh and Anchal life from teenager who had no clue how their life is going to be to them adulting and taking lead over their lives. He narrates the complexities of modern relationships, the role of family, the reverse role of kids taking care of parents, the struggles of surviving and embracing adulthood and between all this love and fate playing games on two hearts.

The character development helps us understand a person’s mental growth depending on the circumstances their life has been through and how it reflects their present decisions.
The story depicts the bitter sides of relationships,the longing, misunderstandings, and revenge.

Overall with a twisted fate and a hooking narration the author captures the essence of a thought-provoking romance.

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