BlogchatterA2Z (Zindagi na milegi dobara)

BlogchatterA2Z - Zindagi na milegi dobara

Zindagi na milegi dobara

This is a movie that inspired me to live in the moment, face fears, be true to myself, not run after money.

A movie that showed the importance of prioritising life over compromise.

A movie that made me aware of friendships and memories we create with friends.

Three lessons I learned from this movie

Don’t be afraid to face your fears –
This movie showed how the three protagonists faced their fear of height, water, and death.
It shows how calming it feels when you face your fears, there is a sense of achievement and satisfaction. That’s the worth of living without any constraints.

Memories are important –

Memories shape you, experiences build your personality, the time you spend as a kid, or with your friends help you understand your true self.

Choose happiness over anything –

We are so busy living a life we have dreamed about that we forget being realistic. We sometimes choose hardwork and sacrifice over happiness, but this present moment is our moment and we need to cherish every moment.

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