Love and mellow drama by Manali Desai

Love & (mellow) Drama

Book:Love & (Mellow) Drama

Author:Manali Desai
Book Reviewed By - Sameeksha Manerkar

“If you’ve got what you want, you’re living the best life. If you’ve not got what you want, you’ve still got to make it your best life with whatever you get.”

A Mumbaikar student’s soul was dancing to the tunes of Bollywood geeks Varun and Gayatri, or I might say Aru and Kulu!

“Love and (Mellow) Drama” by Manali Desai is a treat for romance readers. It’s a book that will make you nostalgic, remembering your college crushes, events, hangout places, and cherished memories.

If you are a Bollywood fan who keeps humming songs, then this book is a cherry on the cake! There are Bollywood movie and song references at many places, and being a Mumbaikar, the Marathi slangs were like having a warm soup for my soul.

The story is not a regular teenage-to-adult romance; it’s much more creative, inspiring, and thrilling. It has a reality curve with mellow drama engulfing readers into one emotional rollercoaster.

The book revolves around Varun and Gayatri. Their love story is the central theme, but it’s much more complex in terms of voicing opinions around themes like relationship dynamics, priorities, relationships with parents, self-awareness, and independence.

The author craftily depicts the themes through different perspectives about love and life. While Varun is a bit serious and lovable person, Abhi, his brother, is more humorous and understanding, Sharad is a little calm in the chaos, while Ayesha is exploring. Every character has a special takeaway for life, and Gayatri is the amalgamation of all these characters who is gradually exploring life, prioritizing her needs but also understanding the seriousness of reality. She is witty but also mature.

Overall, if you love romance books or Bollywood or Hindi songs or an inspiring story, then this is a perfect read for you.

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2 thoughts on “Love and mellow drama by Manali Desai”

    1. Sameeksha Manerkar

      Thanks for a beautiful book! Although I’m still not over what happened but I think that’s what makes the book more memorable!

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