BITS and pieces by Harshita Nanda

Bits and pieces

Book:BITS and Pieces

Author:Harshita Nanda
Book Reviewed By - Sameeksha Manerkar

April/May is a month of nostalgia.
The stress of vivas,
The anxiety of writing exams,
The planning of things to do on vacation,
The relief after exams end!

School/College life is a nostalgic dose we cannot forget. It’s the most cherishing time of our life.

And recently, I read a book that is a nostalgic sip of tea we crave every morning. The morning dose helps us get ready for the day.

Every person has a different lookout for their college. It’s the best of memories for some and a nightmare for others.

This book is about the author’s experience in her college. It narrates the journey of a student who ended up at BITS Pilani College.

The book is an amalgamation of the incidents and places which the author visited and experienced. It covers her journey from admission to the attendance rule, from slang to cgpa. The journey has been wild, experimental, exciting, and memorable.

The book is a short read that can be read in one sitting with an engaging narration, fun-witty and gripping writing style, and lucid language. The add-on beauty of the book is the illustrations that sum up each chapter perfectly.

The book is uniquely written, which will grip readers’ attention from the first line. The author also makes sure she explains the slang and the story behind it.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book and can happily claim that you will find yourself on one of these pages, relating to the ghost stories, friendships, and low-on-a-budget that everyone ends up eating Maggie. It’s an engaging nostalgic ride for everyone. Those who have completed their college life will relate the most.

Overall a beautiful read that will make you smile and feel teary remembering the most magical years of your life.


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