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BlogchatterA2Z - Chandler Bing

When you watch a sitcom like FRIENDS more than ten times, you try to analyze it beyond funny lines and scenes. I being a crazy fan of this series, started analyzing a few things from which one character that had my attention was Chandler Muriel Bing.

Yes, today we will discuss Chandler, the sarcasm king, who is not good at advice but unknowingly end up giving pieces of advice.

Chandler is the funniest character. It is easy to take his character lightly, but CAN WE?

Throughout the series, he was an integral part of their life. A best friend and roommate to Joey, an amazing best friend to Ross, an understanding and loving partner to Monica, and a great friend to Phoebe and Rachel!

Just the way his character has developed throughout the series is commendable and challenging.

The following are five lines by Chandler Bing that made me think about life from a new perspective!

“I mean, sure I have bad days, but then I remember what a cute smile I have.”

Chandler knows how a bad day feels and how a cute smile can go a long way. There are days when you are disappointed or upset with your life, but just like good days do not last for a long time; even bad days do not last long. The cute smile on your face can trick your brain into how fearless and adamant you are.

“I’m not great at advice. Can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?”

Sometimes not giving advice is also a bit of advice. Humor goes a long way. It helps you lighten tense moments. Life is not always about being disciplined, strict, and stressed.
Life should also have some cheat days where we live fun, relaxing, humorous side of life. Sarcasm can be a catalyst in difficult situations.

“What’s wrong with me, ooh, don’t open that door.”

Oh! Never open that door, especially when you are at your lowest. It is one thing to analyze and accordingly plan your next set of actions for your betterment of yourself. But overthinking how everything went downhill and how good things would never happen to you is an indirect manifestation of your downfall. So never open that door unless it is for positively retrospecting for betterment.

“Are you suggesting we dance our troubles away?”

Any form of hobby, dance, music, writing, or reading can help us forget our pain and negative thoughts. It is necessary to keep that one activity for yourself, to cherish yourself. To dance your troubles away, which can be your cheat code for dealing with stress.

“I have no idea what’s going on but I’m excited!”

Always be excited about surprises. Mostly we are caught up with unwanted stress thinking about the future, how things will turn out, whether we will be successful, and what if we fail. We are constantly stuck thinking about the worst, but sometimes it is better not to have a plan and allow them to happen to you!

Have you watched FRIENDS? Who is your favourite character?

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