Pali by Bhisham Sahni


Book: Pali

Author: Bhisham Sahni
Book Reviewed By - Sameeksha Manerkar

The book starts with letting us sink in the horror that broke out after partition was declared and when people had to move across borders.
Manohar Lal’s family had joined the caravan of the countless uprooted people heading for India. While he saw his wife and daughter in the lorry, his four-year-old son Pali was missing.
They had to reach across the border before nightfall. Many lives were at stake so they couldn’t stop lorry for one boy.

The refugees’ hearts had dried of all sentiments that showed how cruel the situation has let people become emotionless. The parents couldn’t decide or understand what exactly to do.

They soon reached the border, and time passed slowly. Pali, on the other hand, was stuck in Pakistan. Shakur saw him and sheltered him. On seeing a four-year-old boy, Shakur’s wife Zenab’s constant struggle to become a mother and motherly instincts immediately made her feel attached to Pali.

One side Pali was growing attached to Zenab, Manohar Lal took time from his work to visit these offices government and meet influential people to seek their help in tracing his child.

Can Manohar Lal bring his child back to his mother? What about Zenab? Would she let him go?

To know more, read this tragic, heart-breaking, and unpredictable story.


Personal Commentary:

The book is a thought-provoking, intriguing, harsh reality that makes you feel the tragedy. The narration is emotional and unbiased. The characters wrote in a way that connects with the readers instantly. Pali is the center of the story, and his irony doesn’t go unnoticed.

The realization that people went through this situation makes it a scary experience. The writing style is unique and unbiased. The storyline is breathtaking and heart-breaking.

Overall a must-read to understand how much people struggled after partition.

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