Maybe this time

Maybe this time

Book: Maybe This Time

Author: Andaleeb Wajid
Book Reviewed By - Sameeksha Manerkar

In the reluctant romance series, I found myself relating to every character. It made me rethink my behaviors and decisions. The same happened with Kamran, who felt like an antagonist all this time, specifically made a newfound love in my heart. I never considered Kamran’s side of the story that he might be a genuine person.

There are multiple storylines peacefully running all over the book. The characters are going through different struggles, but they have each other’s back. The amount of suspense the author captures on a single page is astonishing.

This book started with Kamran and Ayman progressing in their love life, gradually opening up and becoming one. But Kamran being a messed up soul so far made it even more interesting as his life unfolded slowly to the readers. Ayman being the leading boss of her life feels refreshing.

Kamran and Ayman are the characters who don’t complicate love but complicate life. Their struggles, chemistry, understanding, and love are something that makes me love them so so much.

Although I love this couple, other couples that made a place in my heart were Tazeen and Jawed. Their little struggle of not understanding that they both love each other is heartbreaking. Tazeen’s state of mind and the blank thoughts she is going through feels accurate, and the way Jawed is trying to make her feel better makes my heart ache for this couple. I want them to work. They feel like the love in old times where there is love and company in silence.

Also, not to miss out on the way ‘Starville Towers’ never miss out on the star that appeared in the series is touching. I bet you would want to feel like settling there at least once.

Overall this book is thrilling, a page-turner, and emotionally power-packed, which will make the reader feel all kinds of emotions.

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