How the mango got its magic by Sudha Murty

How the mango got its magic

Book: How the mango got its magic

Author: Sudha Murty
Book Reviewed By - Sameeksha Manerkar

Sudha Murty has a comforting way of teaching life lessons through her elegant stories. Her words feel like a giant hug. Her books are valuable and easily understandable. I am a huge fan of her meeting her at Jaipur Literature Fest was my first achievement and receiving a signed copy my second achievement.

How the mango got its magic is a beautiful book for kids, especially for curious minds who are enjoying their summer vacation and eating mangoes and can’t get enough.

With an engaging storyline and intriguing plot, the author narrates the book in such a pleasing way that you experience all five imagery right from visualization of the mangoes, tactile effects of plucking it, the sound of walking through the farm to pluck the mangoes, the aromatic smell that invokes olfactory imagery to the happiness of eating the mango that invokes gustatory imagery.

It narrates a story about a girl who tells us how the mango became the king of all fruits. How did the mangoes turn into the sweetest mangoes we eat today?

To know how the mango got its magic, read this book for an ultimate pleasurable experience that includes beautiful illustrations, engaging narration, and a fantastic story.

Thank you penguinsters for this beautiful copy.

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